Chaz Bono Weight Loss 2021: Diet, Workout or Supplement

Are you ready to read Chaz Bono weight loss journey in 2021? Chaz Bono is an American actor, writer, and musician. He was familiar as the son of entertainers Sonny Bono and Cher. From his childhood, he appeared on their TV show. However, do you know about Bono Chaz’s weight loss journey? When did he start his weight loss journey? How did Bono reach his weight loss target?

Chaz Bono started a weight loss journey in 2012. He lost 85 pounds of weight out of 250 pounds. But, his goal was to lose 50 pounds before losing 85 pounds. But, nowadays he follows a diet that includes high protein.

chaz bono weight loss

He lost 60 pounds at the end of November 2012. And finally, he lost 85 pounds again in November 2013. He followed a proper diet, exercise, dancing to achieve his goal. He wanted to reach weight loss transformation and try different ways. If you want, you can read keto lite reviews 2021 here.

He changed his diet. He ate fiber and high protein like meat, fruits, and vegetables. He tweeted on his Twitter that he avoided sugar, grains, dairy products goat cheese, and white starch. He cooked vegetables and meat in a different way that is interested.

Speaking about his new weight loss journey, he says, “I’ve just changed the way I eat. Diets do not work. You have to change what you eat, and I have”.

He said, “I have cut 99 percent grains from my diet. I eat a lot of vegetables, meat, fruits, nuts… My birthday is a day of the year when I eat cake.”

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